>It’s not me. It’s you.

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>While struggling with the copier today, I had an epiphany.  Maybe the copier wasn’t cooperating because the universe was trying to tell me something.  Maybe a few of the pages aren’t facing the right way or the file size will be too big to email.  So after the 3rd attempt to force my will upon the machine, I gave in and thought of a different approach.  Suddenly, everything worked.

That’s when I realized that all my dating struggles are because the universe is trying to tell me the same thing.  Something’s not right. 

It’s not me, it’s them!  Those guys didn’t follow up because they are probably schmucks and I’d be wasting my time dating the wrong guy when the right one could be next.

That “he’s just not that into you” stuff is crap.  While it’s probably true, it always made me feel like I’d done something wrong.  Maybe if I’d not been so talkative.  Maybe if I’d made more eye contact.  Maybe if I’d been a bitch. Maybe if I was prettier.

It took me 16 dates with 12 guys to realize that it’s not me.  I thought because I was the common denominator in the equation, that something must be wrong with me.  How silly can I be?  Logic has no place in matters of the heart.  Sure, I’m not perfect, but am I so much of an uggo that I’m not girlfriend material?

By the way, the same thing goes for men.  If you’re not a schmuck and she’s not dating you, she’s an idiot and you’re better off.

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