>Is it obvious to everyone or is it just me?

>When you are doing the Internet dating thing, if someone has emailed you their photo or directed you to their Match profile, MySpace page, or Friendster listing, you are supposed to reciprocate. Isn’t this understood by everyone?

Why the hell would I continue to pursue a possible relationship (much less meet for a drink) should I not find your photo attractive? I would never expect a guy to want to meet me who hasn’t already seen at least one photo of me.

Is this an indication of the guy being a numbskull or am I being picky? All I want is disclosure of a few key facts. The guy’s face being one of them.

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5 thoughts on “>Is it obvious to everyone or is it just me?

  1. Toad734

    >My guess is that hes fat and lives with his mom…possibly a bug collection.

    If someone isn’t giving you their photo there is usually a reason. If he is unwilling to give you a photo or a link to myspace then don’t go on the date. You will never get those 3 hours back.

    That being said I talked to a girl for over a week and asked for her picture twice.I had given her a link to my Myspace page and so she finally sent me a picture of her dog. I had to tell her that I wouldn’t go out with her if she didn’t send a picture. Clearly I was expecting a warthog but as it turns out she was one of the hottest girls I have ever gone out with. I think that was the exception to the rule. I felt like an ass for even asking once I saw her pic…and it was really her, I went out with her that weekend.


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