Your dream guy? Hank Hill

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I spent a very large portion of my life thus far as a single, unattached gal.  Dating pretty much sucks. Lately, I’ve been watching King of the Hill while trying to fall asleep and it dawned on me that Hank Hill is the ideal husband.

Ok, stop laughing. I’m serious.

Hank Hill is the ideal husband...stop laughing.Ideal husband qualities

Think about it. Hank is reliable. He knows how to fix stuff. He’s honorable. You could trust him with anything. He’s not going to beat you. He’s going to respect you.  He likes beer, but he’s not a drunk. He doesn’t put up with stupid crap and will kick someone’s ass if need be.

When he needs to, he’ll take charge of a situation. He also judges people based on their character, something we should all do. He’s the guy people look to for help.

Granted, he’s not perfect, but perfect people are boring.

Yes, he’s a little closed minded and very conservative, but overall, he’s a good guy.  That’s what really matters, being a good person.

Of course, Paul displays all of the good Hank qualities, as well as being the funniest person I know, but luckily, he’s more affectionate than Hank.  Although, Hank might have been affectionate with his wife and we just didn’t see it.

I know finding a Hank Hill isn’t easy. Believe me. It took me decades to find Paul, but keep looking. Good guys are out there. You just have to keep looking.

1 thought on “Your dream guy? Hank Hill

  1. Howard Crane

    Well that’s good to hear that Hank Hill is in demand. Short an impressive father figure and any reliable role models, I look to Hank Hill as my inspiration. I aim to be just like him. I was inspired to rewatch from beginning to end when I learned that Hank’s character is based on the best seller “The Death of Common Sense.” That series is as grounded and serious as Hank himself. Lessons to live by in each episode.


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