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Aunt Mabel

My beloved niece, MsChick, was kind enough to invite me to write for her blog. She’s heard my stories too many gull durn times and thought you all might like to hear a few directly from the source.

Today is my old beau’s birthday.

Sweet memories of our innocent love dance through my mind. While I was visiting some relations back East, my sweet Snavely swept me off my feet. He was building a new business empire and was riding high on a wave of sugar and power when our eyes met in my Cousin Effie’s parlor room. Of course, you all know him as Milton Hershey.

To this day, when I see a package of Hershey Bars, I blush at the thought our stolen moments amongst the petunias. He took it into his head to blacken his mustache with stove polish one night. The next morning my face looked like a country map with railroads running from my mouth to my ears!

Not many people know this, but I was the one who told him he should build his own town. Unfortunately, we had to part ways when my poor Mother caught consumption and I had to rush back to her side here in Sacramento. That tart Kitty Sweeney took advantage of my misfortune and horned in on my poor Snavely.

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