The first step is admitting you have a problem, right?

I have an addiction…to the application on my iPhone.  Over the past few weeks, I found myself spending every free moment I could scanning it to see if anyone looked at my profile, sent me a message or otherwise gave me some attention…while I was at work! That’s how I know I have a problem. It’s interfering with my work.  Well, not really, but I’d rather not have some passerby innocently glance into my cube and see me looking at profiles of a bunch of random men.

Yes, I’m craving attention.  I’m lonely dammit.  I’ll readily admit it. Alright, real honesty?  Sometimes I’m just looking to see if the last guy I dated has checked out my profile or sent me a message.  Yes, I am trying to get over him, but it’s not easy when no one else comes along!

I’ve been trying like hell to make a connection, but so far I got nothing. For some reason, very few men are catching my interest online.  Or if I do find one who seems to have a personality, he either turns out to be a creep or I say something that chases him away.

While I’m on the subject… all those online dating commercials have been annoying me.

The real answer as to what brought you to eHarmony (or any online dating site) is desperation pure and simple.  Like me, you are sick and tired of being alone and want some form of companionship.

Look, let’s be real here.  If a potential Mr. or Ms. Right was crossing your path during your daily routine, you wouldn’t turn to an online dating service to look for love.  And of course, you are probably not going to fall in love (unless you are slightly nutty like me), but it is now a more socially acceptable way to get out there and meet people who you are pretty sure are single.

Same thing goes for Match.  I joined Match because…I’m desperate not to die alone and a friend/relative/acquaitence of mine found someone through that site, which beats giving up and becoming a hermit, monk or nun.

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