>A Few Questions for the Men

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>Why don’t you call after the first date?  If you don’t call or email or otherwise contact a gal you’ve just been out with during the first 24 hours after said date, she will assume you find her abhorrent and move on. 

With regard to online dating, why do you take so long to meet for the first date?  Seriously, how much can you learn about me from a few emails?  Wouldn’t it just be better to meet in person as soon as possible?

2 thoughts on “>A Few Questions for the Men

  1. Miss M

    >I hope this one isn't about the nice guy from last weekend! I totally know what you mean about the guys being gun-shy about meeting in person too. Same thing happened to me during my online dating. I always wondered if those guys were already dating someone or if they were trying to juggle different girls or something. You never know if you're going to click until you meet in person so it's ridiculous to drag it out. . .

  2. SFChick74

    >Yes, the two nice guys I met this past week have yet to communicate with me after meeting in person. I know there are a ton of reasons why they haven't called, but my ego always goes to the negative. Guess that's the lesson I need to learn.


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