>Even More Disharmony

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>Apparently, Mr. X didn’t like hearing that Brandy wasn’t interested in him.  His text messages started to take a more threatening angle, “I know where you live…” Don’t worry, he doesn’t know where she lives.

Finally, Brandy decided she best go to the police and deal with the nonsense.  When she showed the officer the guy’s photo, he recognized Mr. X as someone they’ve had problems with in the past.  When the officer read the text messages, “He wanted you to pay him back $20?”

Of course, Brandy told the police about Mr. X’s dealings with Mary Jane.

One good thing:  Brandy told eHarmony about Mr. X and they immediately removed his profile.  The customer service rep told her she would be getting a phone call from the president of the company.  I’m hoping it’s that old dude from the commercials a few years ago that calls her.  Maybe she can tell him that the lengthy questionnaire clearly doesn’t work!

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1 thought on “>Even More Disharmony

  1. Miss M

    >That is nuts. Where is the "Are you crazy?" checkbox? It would save so much time. Hope Brandy's holding up ok. I'd be sleeping with one eye open.


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