Does every couple need Couple?

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Sorry, ladies. I have the best boyfriend ever. He’s so sweet to me that you’ll need to see the dentist to take care of those cavities. Remember, I’m not used to being in a relationship, and this is such a great relationship. Why? Because he indulges my whims. Well, not all my whims. I’m not used to anyone indulging my whims except myself. So, I don’t tell him all of my whims because well, I’m not used to having anyone being interested in them much less ready, willing and able to do something about them.

Enter Couple.

Couple an app for couples screen shot

I saw a tweet about this app and my curiosity was piqued. I’m finally in a couple. Maybe we could play with it.

I texted Paul and he was onboard. We agreed that it seemed frivolous, but then again, isn’t an app about taking photos and making them look old fairly frivolous, too?

So, I downloaded & signed up, so did he. We were “Coupled”.

The app guides you through steps, like all good apps do, and the first thing it wanted to do was take my photo. Uh, no.  I looked like crap. Hey, my boyfriend is 1,500 miles away. If I don’t feel like washing my hair, I’m not going to. So be warned, you can opt out of the photo step, but if you do, your avatar will be a yorkie, but it shows up as a kitty on your partner’s phone. Weird.

Screen shot of Couple, an app

The app lets you share a calendar. Paul was such a great sport. He went right ahead and put in our anniversary and birthdays. I didn’t even get a chance to do it. See why I think he’s such a great boyfriend?

The app also lets you share lists. Again, Paul dove right in and set up a list. He listed all of the Snoopy statues we had seen. Later we can add ones we still need to find. I set up a list of places I want to visit with him. While it might not be very romantic, you could use it to share grocery shopping lists. It’s sort of in real time and lets you know when an update has occurred.

There’s a feature in which you can share your location. This was the weirdest part of the app. I’m not sure why you would want to share your location. Maybe it’s just easier than typing it or if your not sure where you are exactly and you need your partner to come pick you up. “I’m at the corner of 1st and 1st!

Of course, when you are miles apart from your loved one, you want to share photos with them and you can through this app. It has cutesy named filters. I didn’t like any of them on the photo I chose to test out the feature, but I do appreciate their existence.

Ignore the Angry Bird decals...

Ignore the Angry Bird decals…

It has a FaceTime button. Personally, I’d rather use Skype for that kind of rendezvous. My hand would get tired holding the phone! Get your mind out of the gutter.

I explored the settings and allegedly you can share the music you are listening to within the app. I never could get that to work. You can also draw something and share it with your sweetie or draw with your sweetie in real time. I’m boring and couldn’t think of anything to draw. Ok, I’m a terrible artist or all I could think of to draw was dirty.

Settings in Couple app

You can also share videos. Word of warning. Never share anything with anyone you don’t want the whole world to see. I’m not saying you shouldn’t trust your partner. You just never know who might be looking at their phone or if they lose their phone. Because you can save any photos and drawings that get sent to your phone and they can also do a screen shot of whatever you share.

There’s a feature called a Thumb Kiss. You hold your thumb on the phone and wait for your partner to do the same on his/her end. When you connect the phone buzzes and lights up. It’s a little too silly for my taste.

One of the features I do like is the Moments area.  There all of the photos, drawings and video you shared will be kept. It’s nice to have things kept all in one place like that.  You know, all the dirty drawings you sent to each other.  Not that *I* ever did that…

Granted, I haven’t been using the app for very long, but I can’t see why I would use it after the novelty of it wears off.  Plus, I don’t know how this app is going to generate any revenue.  It’s free and has no ads.  Maybe they will have add-ons/upgrades that you can purchase or will slowly introduce ads.

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  1. Rudy

    I was waiting for the “this is a sponsored story” disclaimer, but good to see that it’s not there. Maybe this is another idea to add to the job hopper, App Reviewer.


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