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>I’m still single and it looks like I’ll be that way for a long, long time. I’ve decided to just stop surfing the online personals. I’m convinced that I am way too picky.

I was talking to this one guy on the phone and it was going well during the first fifteen minutes, but over the next twenty, he proceeded to get a little too chatty. Then he starts talking about a home equity loan and how he was going to use that money to pay off most of his bills. Except of course the one that made him have a balance or otherwise he’d have to pay a penalty.

Dude, what am I, 50? If you want to pique my interest, talk about something interesting. How about the last book you read, or a movie you’ve seen. I’d rather talk about the weather that some low interest re-finance mumbo jumbo.

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3 thoughts on “>Dating Update

  1. jsull28fl@yahoo

    >Did you ask the dude about his likes and dislikes?
    I think some dudes are plain scared
    good luck though
    im pullin for you

  2. SFChick74

    >When I could get a word in, I tried talking about normal stuff like television, movies, music, etc., but we just didn’t click.

    Thanks for the support.

  3. Nick

    >On the rare occasions that I talk to Marie, I usually just make up very elaborate stories about people I’ve known and places I’ve been that have nothing to do with anything that’s ever really happened in my life. Sometimes she lets me go on for a while but most of the time she cuts me off. Like that time in the 80’s when I roadied for Motley Crew and we were going from Boston to Chicago. Nikki was high as a kite and yelling at the bus driver to pull over when…


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