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>My friend, Maria, went out on a quasi-blind date last night. Oddly enough, everything turned out well. By quasi-blind, I mean she met the guy off the Internet. Pictures don’t do justice to reality. Even if the picture is fairly recent, the lighting and angle can make the person look vastly different when you actually meet them face to face.

The guy showed up at the restaurant with flowers. Do guys still do that? They had dinner and even went for a walk afterwards. Maria always tries to give people an out. After dinner she told Internet Boy that it was his chance to leave if he wanted it. He didn’t take advantage of it. He even called her later that evening to make sure she got home safe and wants to see her again this week. Amazing…

I’m happy that she found a decent guy, but all I can do is think, “What’s wrong with him?” It’s sad, I know. I shouldn’t look for people’s faults, but there are so many crazies out there, I can’t help it. Plus, this guy comes from out of the blue. It’s not like they have any mutual friends, he lives in her neighborhood, or works in her office. Talk about asking for a credit check and three personal references…

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