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>I’ve heard from a few guys (and read a post over at Date Wrecks) that some of the profiles on online dating sites are nothing but spammers.  It’s interesting because I don’t think I’ve run into this situation. 

Granted, I can usually spot a spammer a mile away.  The awful grammar, spelling and punctuation are a dead give away.  Being a grammar snob does have it’s advantages!  Plus, I won’t respond to any guy who doesn’t have a photo posted.  I have to know what I’m getting into, right? 

I try to keep an open mind about photos.  I know some people don’t photograph well and some photographers can turn an attractive person ugly. A well written profile (i.e. not beige and boring*) will catch my interest even if a photo or two might not be the most flattering.  Of course, someone can post a photo that is not truly them, but usually they only have one photo.  A real person will put up multiple photos of themselves.  Just look at how many photos your Facebook friends have up.

*Beige & boring is defined as writing about the same freaking topics as everyone else.  Hiking, camping, being laid back, being sarcastic, and enjoying Tahoe are among the favorites.  We get it.  Show me you are sarcastic and honestly, everyone is laid back after a beer or two.

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