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>Here are a few Covenants Conditions & Restrictions for the guys with regards to the online dating associations.  Some of this can be applied to the women too:

If you put “open minded” in your profile, this tells me you are a perv who is already in a relationship and either are looking for a threesome or are a cheating mofo. 

Don’t tell me what you’re not looking for in a woman.  You don’t want a psychotic drama queen who is heavily into drugs and mind games all the while demanding that you take care of her financially? Well, that’s odd!

 Also, steer clear of what you don’t like, unless it’s funny or unusual.  “I can’t stand lima beans because they remind me of Kermit the Frog.”  It’s more interesting to read about the things you’ve done, the things that make you laugh, or something random and positive.

And when you do get a chick showing interest in you, please don’t send your phone number to her on the first email. You are either desperate or a creep and either way, I am totally freaked out.  I am trying to figure out your level of sanity the first go round or so and sending your number is a big danger sign.

Then there is the first message that says “Hi, your beautiful. How are you?” First of all the grammar is wrong and second…how am I supposed to respond to that? If we are in a bar, OK that’s a generic, but decent ice breaker.  But if you want to strike up a conversation with me, please get more creative.  Talk about something in my profile.  That’s why I wrote it, so you would have something to talk to me about.  I am way more impressed if you say that I’m funny than that I’m pretty.  Save the “you are beautiful” stuff for when we meet in person.

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  1. Joanne

    >A freaking men. I concur about the "I don't want this… I don't like that… blah blah blah" that tells me they're way bitter.


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