>The Bold and the Not Hideous Looking

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>My boldness sometimes surprises even me.  After the initial “should I or shouldn’t I” argument in my head, I have no problem sending a message to a guy I find attractive through an online dating service.  I have even been known to send a random email or Facebook message to a friend of a friend, old coworker, or other male acquaintance who has caught my fancy. 

Of course, this action is always followed by the, “what the hell did I just do” freak out because whenever I send said messages, I am completely sober.  Most of the dumb things I do are done when I am as sober as a judge, which is most of the time.

Maybe I should try sending messages when I’m in my cups.  Sober, I fail just about every single time.  Maybe if I have a little liquid social lubrication, I’ll see my fail rate drop. 

Sometimes the repeated blows to my ego send me into dating hibernation for a few years, but inevitably, the loneliness overwhelms me, a new young buck crosses my path, and I emerge right back out into the wilderness. 

One of these days my efforts are bound to succeed, right?  It’s not like I’m trying to invent a crazy flying machine.  Sometimes though, I think the Wright Brothers had an easier time inventing the airplane than I do trying to find a date on Friday night.

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