>The adventure begins…again. Online Dating 2.011

>After a brief respite from the dating scene, I re-upped my online dating profile yesterday afternoon. This time, I am going to try something new. I’ll chronicle each day’s results so you can see what’s its like to surf through the world of dating in the new millennium.

Since I was previously on the site for a year, this time I decided to take Match.com’s 6 month challenge. They might as well just save us all the trouble and give me a refund now. Hello, positive thinking!

The guidelines state that you have to send 5 emails to 5 different members each month. Day One isn’t even over and I’ve already sent two. My problem is going to be pacing myself. I’ll run out of guys in three months, which will probably force me to contact some really “interesting” guys, just to entertain you folks.

So, how did I do in less than 24 hours?

Views of my profile: 13
Winks received: 1
Emails received: 0
Emails sent: 2
Replies to my email: 0

Oddly enough, only one of the viewers didn’t have a photo, but of course his screen name was ridiculous, which lead me to believe he’s obviously just looking for a hookup.

Sigh. Of course the one dude who winked at me, didn’t even look at my profile. That just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s nice that a robot included me in his mass winking campaign. Excuse me while I “send a polite, ‘No, thanks.'”

I just noticed a new feature. You can now “like” photos. This is a recipe for disaster. Now people are going to wonder, “why doesn’t anyone like my photos?” Pretty sure if a guy looked at my profile, he at least liked my main photo a little bit.

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