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>I could blame it on the Little River Band, but for some damn reason, I was reminiscing about all the men I’ve gone out with this year.  This was not a good idea.  I was trying to make myself feel better by looking at the sheer volume in my love life.  I was trying to see how many chances I’d taken this year compared to the nothing that has happened in years past. 

What it did is remind me of men best forgotten.  OK, maybe just one man.  Good lord he was hot and my heart broke into a thousand pieces when he didn’t call back months ago.  But I lived through it and even went on a few more dates.

I’m proud of the fact that I remember each of my 15 dates over the last 8 months, but have unfortunately forgotten one guy’s name.  Granted, not all of these men broke my heart.  Most of us parted amicably.  I think I might have broken one heart along the way and I am sorry about that. 

As I was trying to remember a name or two by looking at old messages, I saw that I’d missed a call from a recent date.  For half a second, I thought he’d contacted me last week after our date and I didn’t get the message until today.   Panic set in.

No. It was before said rendezvous.  Of course, this still triggered my OCD.  Maybe he did try to call me and I missed it because my phone is screwed up.  Maybe his email went into the junk folder.  Maybe I should send him a message. 

Maybe I should just shut up and get over him.

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