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>This is the first installment of a (hopefully) limited series of messages from men sent to me via online dating sites.  I have only changed names to protect the innocent.  Let’s commence with the Actual Messages:

you look very jazzy!

Bravo perfomance in your profile.

you’re a delicious dish

You must be really shy. I winked at you a week ago. Cute.

I like your humor….and your over all being.  You speak and spell pretty good…let’s me know….

Good day sweet lady,You sure are a cutie patootie

 I’m impressed with your profile, I like your smile too I like talk to you, do you date older guys…

 I’d like to invite you to play dodgeball with us, Tues. nights, St. Joseph’s Church

2 thoughts on “>Actual Messages from Random Guys

  1. Miss M

    >Ha ha ha!! I love the "you speak and spell pretty good" one!

    And you're joining the catholic dodgeball league, right? Right?


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