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>While the cat’s away

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>I will work like a dog.  My bosses are going out of town for a big old corporate conference in the southern part of the Golden State.  Now, while they will be busy attending various breakout sessions and walking through the expo hall to collect whatever goodies the various sponsors are handing out, they will not be busy enough to… Read more »

>Special Holiday Memories

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>One of the things I used to like about the holidays was visiting my dad’s office.  This is the week when most people start to take vacation until the New Year begins, so the buildings filled with various corporate entities are usually pretty quiet.  It was a great way for a kid to see corporate culture up close first hand. … Read more »

>PMS is Not a Case of the Mondays

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>What I experienced was a bad combination of PMS and general frustration with mechanical break downs that just happened on a Monday.  First the work email on my phone refused to download from the server.  So, after trying various tricks that did nothing but remove all of my appointments and contacts in the process, I sent a message to the… Read more »

>Open Letter to the Machines in My Office

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>Let me just say, I hate you all. Most of my scorn is geared towards you, black and white copier.  I simply ask you to staple a document that you are copying and I get ignored!  The color copier created a book for me last week.  That’s right, a BOOK!  Double sided, folded and stapled in the middle, for crying… Read more »

>Farm Workers, Makes Me Wonder

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>I keep reading these articles about how Americans won’t take jobs picking vegetables on farms in California.  Call me cynical, but I am having a hard time believing that any of their facts are true.  Granted, some of the jobs available are in places far from large population centers.  This seems like a more logical reason why no one is… Read more »

>Move it, Sweetie

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>For whatever reason, our landlord at work thought it was a good idea to put a glorified day care center upstairs from our office.  So not only do we have to hear the stampede of tiny feet because neglectful parents let their children run down the hallway of an office building, but we also have to put up with the… Read more »