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>Going for a walk isn’t always easy

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>How did your September start? Mine started off by getting chased by a homeless guy on Capitol Mall.  Around lunch time, I decided I needed to explore my new office surroundings and find an ATM. After a web search, I found one a block and a half away. Granted, this is a Sacramento block which is like three regular blocks,… Read more »

>No Scrubs

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>Am I the only one grossed out whenever I see someone wearing scrubs who is not actually within the bounds of a hospital or clinic? There is a woman who I see power walking through my neighborhood at least twice a week in full medical regalia. So she is out in the public gathering all sorts of germs while getting… Read more »

>I need a reminder for this reminder…

> Today at work I was scrolling through my Outlook calendar and noticed a mysterious entry.  All it said was “100 Days”…nothing else. Not to toot my own horn, by my memory is pretty darn good.  If I ever get a chance at trivia night, the local bar will probably kick me out for not letting anyone else have a… Read more »

>You’re doing it right now

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>One thing that annoys me in the online dating scene, and in real life, are people who say they don’t like to read. Oh really, Einstein?  That’s like me saying, I don’t like to talk.  OK, bad comparison because I freaking LOVE to talk, but you get the idea.  No? Reading is a form of communication like talking.  Only total… Read more »

>Spell Check Fail

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>More evidence surfaced today that my computer is either about to break down or is becoming self-aware and has decided to annoy the hell out of me.  While working on a big project, I noticed that the automatic spell check wasn’t working.  Sometimes, I get lazy and misspell words on purpose because I don’t feel like thinking about it.  It’s… Read more »

>Things making me nuts right now

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>People not calling me backDonuts in the break roomThe unknownThe knownYouMePMSStressMy carMy shoesMy bangsMy twitching eyeThe price of gasolineThe screaming kid in TargetThe parent ignoring the screaming kid in TargetHow I just spent $100 at Target and only have 2 bagsThe loudest cell phone ever ringing in the cube next to meThis Justin Bieber song I don’t even know, but… Read more »