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Pedestrian etiquette?

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People of Capitol Mall, consider this your fair warning. ¬†Your rudeness will no longer be tolerated. Should you stupidly walk in a group wherein your members are more than two abreast, I reserve the right to plow right through you. Yes, I know the lovely Mall has very wide sidewalks, but that doesn’t mean you need to forget your manners… Read more »

Random Thoughts: What am I doing here?

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Overall, I’m happy. The only real problem that I have now is that I need some stability. During the past 18 months, there has been a lot of upheaval in my life. I know that it’s because the universe is pushing me to be in the places I need to be to be able to do the things I need… Read more »

A routine gone awry

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Days like this always start off normal. I wake up, convince myself that I have to take a shower. Bitch, moan and complain in my head that I didn’t get enough sleep last night. Feel like a zombie until I finally get into the car an hour later. Today, I decided to take Highway 50 and it’s a good thing… Read more »

Stress relief?

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Did you ever have one of those days? You know where you get trapped in the elevator at work…twice. Apparently, if I’m in the building after hours, I need Mr. Wizard and his science-y knowledge to come save me from the stupid air pressure that effects the elevators when they shut off the HVAC for the night. I’m not sure… Read more »

A Year in the Life of Me

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This time last year things began to change for me…all for the better. At times it didn’t feel like it. First I got a new job. That was awesome. I still love it, but it will always just be a job. Then I got kicked out of my house. That sounds like I did something to deserve eviction. I didn’t…. Read more »

Why aren’t you here?

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  The other day I was reading about Twitter moving their headquarters to some skeezy part of San Francisco. Can someone please explain why they bothered? Why does anyone locate their company in the Bay Area if they don’t absolutely have to? What do they have that Sacramento doesn’t? I mean not only is the cost of living cheaper here,… Read more »

>Black Friday soapbox alert

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>I keep seeing people on the internet who are up in arms about Target and Walmart being open insanely early on Friday. The argument is that the stores are just being greedy and they should let their minimum wage-ish workers have the holiday off to celebrate with their friends and families. Um, I notice they don’t say anything about the… Read more »