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Easter: A time for new beginnings

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So, other holidays seem to have a grateful theme to them. Easter seems like more of a time to be hopeful, a time to start over. OK, Easter has always been about candy for me. Those Cadbury mini-eggs and cream eggs are addictive! But, seriously, I know most of us have totally forgotten any New Year’s resolutions we made, the… Read more »

Career women and career men

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Is part of that title weird to you?  Well, the whole title should be weird to you.  Why do I say that?  Because I read an interesting article on about how it’s OK for women to not want to be a CEO. I agree.  There’s nothing wrong with anyone (female or male) who doesn’t want to be CEO. What’s… Read more »

Life: Risks and Rewards

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I don’t think of myself as foolish. Foolish people don’t have a plan. I have a plan. It may not be the best one, but at least I’ve got one. Moving to Minnesota to be with Paul feels like the right thing to do. Every time I think about being with him, I smile. It never occurred to me that… Read more »

Party on, Twitter.

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For you old fogies who don’t know, a Twitter party is where a sponsor gathers a bunch of people to talk about their product. Usually there are prizes given away. Once I got a $10 gift card for Subway. Hey, that’s a couple of lunches just for talking on the internet. But wait, aren’t there chats on twitter? Well, my… Read more »

Random Thoughts on a Job Search

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I haven’t searched for a job in about six years. It’s not as bad as dating, but it’s definitely challenging. Part of me wants to find a job in an entirely new industry. Part of me just wants to freelance and do some writing. Part of me wants to do the same thing I’ve been doing because I’ve been doing… Read more »

Where is everyone?

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Is it just me or is downtown Sacramento fairly empty? On my usual walk around Capitol Mall, I passed maybe 5 people. Normally, I’m annoyed by masses of people walking 4 abreast, bike riders who think the sidewalk is the road and the flow of traffic is similar to that in the United Kingdom, and a horde of gardeners with… Read more »

Holiday Fever, Do you have it?

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Is it just me or is anyone else having a tough time concentrating? I go into the office and I just want to listen to Christmas music, eat cookies and shop for presents. All of my Christmas shopping is done and I have work to do! What is wrong with me? I’ve got visions of sugar plums dancing in my… Read more »