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>Touring a Space

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>Here’s a story from my old office: Biff was showing an office space in a low-rise that hadn’t been leased in quite a while. He went over to the suite before the tour and did a quick run through to open up the blinds, etc. The client shows up and Biff starts yakking about how great the space is…blah blah… Read more »

>Freaky Deaky!

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>One of our tenants walked into the ladies room (in the building next to mine). She saw some strange toy sitting on the floor. She thought it was a kid’s toy, until she looked at it more closely. It was not a toy for children. She gasps and looks over and sees someone in the wheelchair stall. She realizes the… Read more »

>Crack House Truck

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>Up the street from my office is a crack house. It’s been raided by the police three times in the past five years. Over the past few weeks, a beat up sea foam green truck has been parking across the street from the office. It’s bed was filled with various types of wooden objects and metal junk. A month or… Read more »

Is that a toy banana in your pants?

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Oddly enough, just before I read this Thurston Howell IV came into my office and asked if I wanted some of his banana. Disgusted and amused, I laughed, “I don’t eat bananas. They give me headaches.” I think that might have been fodder for a sexual harassment lawsuit, but Thurston usually means no harm. Police Charge Man for Flashing With… Read more »