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>Tales of Eye Twitching

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> I could blame it on the caffeine. I could blame it on the stress. I could even blame it on the boogie. But, the kids today just won’t get that Jackson Five reference or why I call myself Chief Inspector Dreyfus when my eye twitches. It’s sad really because the Pink Panther movies are pretty good. Well, most of… Read more »

>Saturday morning cartoons: a double edged sword

> It’s amazing my generation is as well adjusted as it is… Have you seen the children’s shows we were subjected to? Sid & Marty Krofft should be paying us for our therapy bills. I mean HR Puffnstuff? The Bugaloos? Sigmund & the Sea Monsters? The Banana Splits? The Land of the Lost? Lidsville?!? It’s amazing more of us aren’t… Read more »

>Is everyone cheating on their spouses?

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>This morning I was watching Good Day Sacramento when the below segment came on: I had to rewind that a couple of times. Did she just say 60% of married men cheat on their wives? Am I just naive or is that really high? That means if 10 married men are in a room, 6 of them are or have… Read more »

Do not taunt Jumbo Fun Ball

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  Of course that reference to a long forgotten Saturday Night Live “commercial” is lost on today’s youth, which is really sad, because I saw this product for sale at Costco yesterday and instantly the lengthy “legal” warnings came to my mind. Giggling like a fool at a seemingly innocent child’s toy, I was also reminded of one of my… Read more »

>Yule Log it.

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> There was an article in the SFGate the other day about Yule Logs. Apparently, the above Yule Log’s Santa is none other than Paul from the Diamond Center. The above Yule Log was broadcast on KOFY TV-20. How I miss that quirky channel. For those of you who can remember, I found one of the dog promos. Classic! Merry… Read more »