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>My head aches

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>Did I mention that my office is making me take tomorrow off because I’m about to max out on my paid time off? Thanks for the reminder that I have no personal life. It’s the cherry on top of a pile of crap week. I guess it’s more like the flies on the pile of crap. What the hell am… Read more »


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>My sexual frustration seems to be channeling itself into housework. My kitchen and bathroom are cleaner than they have been in a long time. If things keep going this way, those dust bunnies in the corner of my living room will be sleeping in the garbage can tomorrow. It’s better than being depressed, which I decided is a bit cliche… Read more »

>Not Again

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>Did I mention I’m being stalked by the Sacramento Bee? I guess it’s actually whichever company they’ve hired to hawk their wares. They used to call twice a day until I reported them to the FCC. Of course, the FCC said they didn’t have enough evidence to investigate further and coincidentally enough, the phone calls have resumed. Seriously, if you… Read more »

>I really am trying

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>Most of my life, I’ve been pretty negative…usually about myself. Within the past few years, I’ve been trying to change that because who really wants to put negative energy out into the world? It will come back to me and I’d rather it didn’t. Regardless, I’ve been told that I am funnier when I’m mean. While this may be true,… Read more »

>It is a multiple choice test though…

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>I find it difficult to believe that I am supposedly smarter than 96% of the world’s population. If you read this blog regularly, you are probably saying the same thing, but according to a few I.Q. tests (not ones on Facebook or MySpace), this is supposedly the case. Why am I such an idiot when it comes to relationships then?… Read more »

>Save it!

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>I don’t have the energy to do much today. I’d rather just veg out. The early darkness screws me up. Why can I fly all the way across the country and not be jet lagged, but move the clock one measly hour and I’m thrown into a tailspin? Of course, eating 15 mini candy bars is not helpful either.

>Another reason

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>Just thought of another reason not to mess around with a guy who already has a girlfriend… All I need is some jealous psycho girlfriend stalking me because she thinks I am the reason her man is cheating on her. Ending up on the evening news, the victim of a murder-suicide love triangle, is not worth a few moments of… Read more »