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Thanksgiving Traditions: Television

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While it might be the lesser of the Snoopy holiday special trifecta, I do enjoy A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.  The highlight of the show is of course, Woodstock.  If you are anything like me, you now have the Little Birdie song stuck in your head.  You’re welcome. It seems that every sitcom has a Thanksgiving episode.  Although I appreciate the… Read more »

And you thought you were a control freak?

I used to have this theory that when women got engaged, they lost their goddam minds.  Now I realize, those women were already crazy. How did I come to this conclusion?  I read this article about a bride to be with a huge set of control issues.   It also begs the question, how does this woman have any friends?… Read more »

My TV might be self-aware.

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Recently, I noticed something odd. My parents have a TV in every room. That’s not what struck me as odd. It might be odd to you, but my dad’s nickname is Captain Video, so it seems normal to me. Regardless, a couple of weeks ago, we were watching a movie on TBS or FX in the living room. Because my… Read more »

Random Thoughts on the Emmy Awards

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TV has reached a new level of stupidity & this makes me sad. The people E! Has interviewing celebrities have a collective IQ of 5. They ask and say the stupidest things. “Manicures are hot this year.” What? As opposed to last year when women would forgo the emery board for snaggle-nails? I noticed that no one asked Mayim Bialik… Read more »

Random Thoughts on the Olympics’ Opening Ceremony

Since they held me spellbound in 1980, I have loved the Olympics. The Opening Ceremony is the best part, but why in this day and age we don’t get to see it live is stupid. All of the spoilers are going to be found on the internet, so you might as well let us all share in the global experience… Read more »

Don’t breakup with TV!

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I love television. Sure I can survive without it, but that’s not really living is it? While living at my parents’ house, I was fortunate enough to have just about every single channel DirecTV has to offer at my disposal. And of course, there were times when there was nothing on TV. Literally had 1,000 channels to choose from and… Read more »

Isn’t that romantic?

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Let me just state for the record that I hate the Bachelor and Bachelorette. I’ve probably watched a grand total of 5 minutes of these shows since they began. Every moment I’ve watched that wasn’t being made fun of on The Soup was spent with my brow furrowed in disgust. The actors on the show are just so stupid. I… Read more »