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Best Reality Show Ever?

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Dear Norway, Please bring National Firewood Night to the United States.  Watching 8 hours of a fireplace full of burning wood would be better programming than anything on MTV in the last five years.  While I doubt that Americans would debate the proper way to stack wood, OK we probably would, we definitely need something soothing on television and for… Read more »

Singles: Not Doomed

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The other day I got a Google Alert about “dating in Sacramento.” The local Fox affiliate did a piece called Dating in Sacramento, Are Singles Doomed? Instantly, I was pissed off. It wasn’t because the folks at Fox40 didn’t ask a Sacramento dating blogger for her opinion after documenting years in the local dating scene…it was because of this thought… Read more »

Online Dating Chronicles: Take a Chance on Me

To this day, I still hate relationship and dating advice. Most of it is bunk. Actually, there is one rule that I wish more people would follow: Be polite. So many people are just rude when it comes to dating. I’m lucky. Paul is one of the most mature people I’ve ever met. He’s a real live grown up and… Read more »

Random Thoughts on Christmas Eve

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Ah, Christmas Eve. My favorite night of the year. Christmas Day is nice, but I’ve always felt that Christmas Eve is more festive. Maybe it’s the anticipation of opening gifts the next day or maybe it’s Santa and his reindeer sprinkling cheer in the air. Christmas Day is the end of it all, while Christmas Eve still leaves one more… Read more »

Another Festivus Miracle!

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It’s that time of year again folks.  When the levels of frustration run high what with all the shopping and the family gatherings.  Luckily, Corinne of ExploreSacto has once again put together the Festivus Tweetup. If you aren’t familiar with the concept of a tweetup, it’s basically when a bunch of people who chat on Twitter get together to chat… Read more »

Gimme a bottle of anything

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It’s common knowledge that I love wine.  People always ask me if I prefer red or white?  Yes. I like both equally.  This weekend some friends are hosting their annual holiday wine tasting party.  Everyone brings a bottle of wine and blind tasting ensues.  Everyone picks their favorite and a winner is chosen. I’d say about 25 people are coming…. Read more »

Thankful: Technology

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Not many people can claim to have ancestors on both the Mayflower and the Santa Maria, but I can. Of course, so can my sister and her kids, but that’s besides the point. I know about these two things because of technology. I found the Mayflower ancestors through The Santa Maria ancestors I already knew about, but did some… Read more »