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Movie Review: Star Trek Into Darkness

I am not now nor have I ever been, a Trekkie. However, I’m pretty sure I’ll watch anything J. J. Abrams makes. Damn can that guy (and his people) tell a story. Also, the acting is great. I mean I love everyone in this cast, even the bad guys. Was that Robo Cop? While I thoroughly enjoy Simon Pegg as… Read more »

In space, no one can hear your frustration

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Did you know that there are missing moon rocks?  Seriously.  Yesterday I read this article in the Sacramento Bee about how some moon rocks from Apollo 11 mysteriously turned up in a storage room in Minnesota. My cousin said it best, “Well this is a little ridiculous. Who misplaces moon rocks?” Apparently, 11 other states can’t find their moon rocks… Read more »

Partial Eclipse of the Sun

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On Sunday there is an eclipse. Why am I so fascinated by these celestial events? Maybe because they always seem to be visible only in far off lands I’d never visit. This time, I could drive up the hill (that’s a reference to Lake Tahoe or Reno for you non-Sacramentans) and see the moon pass in front of the sun…. Read more »