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Tis the season, apparently.

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Sacramento, what the hell? On my way home from work today, I saw 9 people run red lights. That was only in a 20 minute span of time! I would like to go an entire week, nay, an entire day when I don’t see someone run a red light. It’s ridiculous! What is wrong with you people? Are you idiots… Read more »

The question on everyone’s mind

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Lately, I’ve been plagued by thoughts of meal time. Well, maybe it’s more correct to say that at meal times I’m plagued by thoughts of what to have. After work, I’m usually too tired to bother to make anything. Thanksgiving and the impeding Christmas celebrations put a kink in my routine. I haven’t been able to get back on track…. Read more »

Gimme a bottle of anything

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It’s common knowledge that I love wine.  People always ask me if I prefer red or white?  Yes. I like both equally.  This weekend some friends are hosting their annual holiday wine tasting party.  Everyone brings a bottle of wine and blind tasting ensues.  Everyone picks their favorite and a winner is chosen. I’d say about 25 people are coming…. Read more »

Batten down the hatches or just get an umbrella?

Apparently, it’s finally going to rain in Sacramento and the media is slightly panicking.. For the past three days I’ve been reading about flood warnings and something called an atmospheric river.  While I’m the first to evacuate when the authorities tell me to, I’m also skeptical of these warnings.  They are pretty widespread.  Do I need to do anything or… Read more »

Christmas Countdown: 29 Shopping Days Left

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Let the holiday panic commence. Yes, a month seems like a long time, but if you are like me, time passes by so quickly, you barely even notice it. Maybe it’s just because I’m a busy person. I rarely get bored these days, which is a good thing. I already have 5 social engagements on my holiday calendar and that… Read more »

Thankful: Relationships

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It still blows my mind that I am, in fact, part of a couple. I’m not really sure how to behave. It’s so great, but so unknown to me. We actually made plans in the future. Not those kind of plans, travel plans. Part of me is afraid that Paul will disappear like all the males with whom I’ve ever… Read more »

Random Thoughts on Jury Duty

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Once again, I was called to do a civic duty.  Since I lived here, it’s the 3rd time I’ve been called.  Could people stop committing heinous crimes, please?  I always get assigned to those cases and I don’t have the stomach for it. God bless the people who do, but I am not one of them.  Seriously, my boss suggested… Read more »