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>Complete Mess

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>So now California is about to run out of cash. Wonderful leadership there Schwarzenegger. Do you think Congress will give us a bailout until we can raise taxes? Yes, as painful as it may be, we need to raise taxes. The bond market is clearly dead and so is governmental reliance on it to fund the necessities of society. I’ve… Read more »

>Sacramento Mayor – Kevin Johnson

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>I am curious as to why he was booked on the Colbert Report. The booking took place before the election. What if he’d lost? What would he be on there to promote? St.Hope? I have a problem with charter schools. God forbid we should just repair the public school system. No, let’s just abandon it for private schools parading around… Read more »

>Big Fix this

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>Note to Sacramento area television stations: Most of your viewers do not care about the actual construction going on in the “boat section” of I-5. Stop promoting your coverage of it. We want to know about any and all backups/traffic jams caused by the construction. Granted it’s only the weekend and the amount of traffic is lighter than commute time,… Read more »

>Are they high?

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>As you may or may not know, Cal-Trans will be shutting down parts of I-5 in Sacramento at the end of this month. Apparently, Cal-Trans has been having community meetings to help people understand the impact that the roadwork will have on the daily commute. Basically, they said that if people don’t alter their travel patterns, the surface streets around… Read more »

>Random Wednesday

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>Today I saw a dark blue Mercedes with “Real Estate Stallion” around the license plate. You can win lunch for your office from this Sacramento TV station. This week, lunch will be provided by Hooters. I don’t understand all the signs in Spanish at the polling places. Blogger keeps screwing up my post. There are 45 days left until Christmas and… Read more »