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Where is everyone?

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Is it just me or is downtown Sacramento fairly empty? On my usual walk around Capitol Mall, I passed maybe 5 people. Normally, I’m annoyed by masses of people walking 4 abreast, bike riders who think the sidewalk is the road and the flow of traffic is similar to that in the United Kingdom, and a horde of gardeners with… Read more »

Oddly enough, the world hasn’t ended.

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A big change is about to happen in my life. Not tomorrow, but soon…at least in a few months. My bosses think it’s too soon. I think it’s an eternity. What is it? I’m going to be moving to Minnesota with Paul, so if you know anyone who is hiring, let me know. I know. It’s a big deal. I… Read more »

In other news, BORING

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Dear Sacramento, Aren’t you sick of hearing this crap about the Sacramento Kings?  Since I moved to Sacramento in 2005 they have had one foot out the door.  Sorry, it was early 2006 when the “we’re going to Disneyland!” rumors started.  OK, not Disneyland proper, but Disneyland adjacent-ish, also known as Anaheim. Would someone tell the Mayor that enough is… Read more »

Travel Tales: Twin Cities (Part Deux)

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My trip to the Twin Cities was full of firsts.  I finally got kissed at midnight on New Year’s Eve.  Yes, it took me 38 years for that to happen.  It might seem sad, but it was definitely worth the wait. Also, Paul took me to my first hockey game.  It was a lot of fun.  Apparently, I’m more into… Read more »

Apocalypse now?

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The other day someone said, “I think the world was supposed to have ended at least 4 times in my life.”  I think that might be about right. The thing is that no one ever gets the math correct.  Someone always forgets to carry a one or puts a decimal point in the wrong spot.  Oopsies. Paul said that he’s… Read more »

Holiday Fever, Do you have it?

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Is it just me or is anyone else having a tough time concentrating? I go into the office and I just want to listen to Christmas music, eat cookies and shop for presents. All of my Christmas shopping is done and I have work to do! What is wrong with me? I’ve got visions of sugar plums dancing in my… Read more »

We be clubbin’

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Full disclosure: I’m not now nor have I ever really been into the club scene.  Even back in my 20s, I’m not sure what I was really doing at the Rage.  If you’ve lived in Sacramento for a decade or so, you probably know what I’m talking about.  But, when the Sacramento Bloggers had a gathering at the Reunion Nightclub… Read more »