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Winter Beverages: Baileys Irish Cream and Coffee

Back when I was younger, I thought Irish Coffee was Baileys Irish Creme mixed with coffee. Obviously, I was wrong, but Baileys Irish Cream and Coffee is a good drink. It reminds me of winter time and coziness. Personally, I like Baileys Irish Cream on the rocks as an after dinner drink/dessert, but it also goes well with coffee. Plus,… Read more »

Winter Beverages: Irish Coffee

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Now that the cold temps are upon most of us, it’s nice to have some warm adult beverages to sip. One of my favorite hot drinks is Irish Coffee. While this hot alcoholic beverage was actually invented in Ireland, the beverage’s popularity in the United States can be traced to a bar/restaurant in San Francisco, The Buena Vista. I’ve been there… Read more »

Easy Recipe: Bacon Taco Boats

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Yes, the Super Bowl was disappointing, but you know what wasn’t? The food.  I was given a sample of the new Ortega Fiesta Flats and came up with a very easy hand held delight. Basically, you just take your nacho fixin’s and layer it in this lovely boat shaped corn tortilla shell.  The box said they were supposed to lay… Read more »

Recipe: Easy Chocolate Chip Scones

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You know when you forget to get stuff for breakfast, but you want something yummy? That happened to me the other day. Then I saw a box of Bisquick in my fridge as well as an opened package of mini-chocolate chips. I thought some how these two things should go together. I found a recipe for Easy Drop Danish in… Read more »

Hershey’s Spreads review

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When the people at Crowdtap sent me a sample of the new Hershey’s Spreads to try, I couldn’t believe it was new.  It seemed like Hershey’s had made a product like this before, but I couldn’t remember when.  Apparently, it was nothing but a day dream, except now the Hershey’s Spreads are real.  YAY! If you are looking for a… Read more »

Holiday Cocktail Recipe: Warm Woody

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This is a very simple hot beverage that is popular at a restaurant up in Lake Tahoe, Riva Grill.  It’s called a “Warm Woody” probably because their other popular cocktail is called a “Wet Woody”.  It has to do with wooden boats or something.  The Wet Woody is a blended beverage chock full of rum.  The Warm Woody is a… Read more »