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>My Warning Label

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> SFchick74 may explode without warning MEXPLOSIVE Username: From This should really be my mom’s warning label. She tried to tell me that I have a problem with anger. This is coming from the lady I call “Mount Vesuvius”. If I have an anger problem, I picked it up from her. She taught me everything I know. Personally, I… Read more »

>Random Wednesday

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>Today I saw a dark blue Mercedes with “Real Estate Stallion” around the license plate. You can win lunch for your office from this Sacramento TV station. This week, lunch will be provided by Hooters. I don’t understand all the signs in Spanish at the polling places. Blogger keeps screwing up my post. There are 45 days left until Christmas and… Read more »

Is that a toy banana in your pants?

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Oddly enough, just before I read this Thurston Howell IV came into my office and asked if I wanted some of his banana. Disgusted and amused, I laughed, “I don’t eat bananas. They give me headaches.” I think that might have been fodder for a sexual harassment lawsuit, but Thurston usually means no harm. Police Charge Man for Flashing With… Read more »