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>I’m just tired, so I’m rambling.

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>There’s nothing to watch on television. My hormones are making me whiny and irritable. I watched that new TV show with Anne Heche last night. Aside from a couple of hot guys, it really isn’t worth putting on my Tivo list. Dancing with the Stars was only worth a couple of minutes of entertainment while Tom Jones sang. My roots… Read more »

>Yes, I’ve been drinking.

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>Today I got a call from some telemarketer type who wanted to “verify” my company’s Yellow Page listing. He asked the usual questions in his Indian accent, “Are you still located at 1234 Kissmyass Lane? Is the business phone number 212-867-5309?”. But then he asked, “Am I talking to you on September 6th, 2006?” Uh, no. You’re talking to me… Read more »

>Even more things I might have overheard

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>Myspace – where fat chicks can be whores too. Are you retarded or just foreign? Hawaiian food is just Asian food with SPAM on it. Suddenly, I’m 30 with nothing, but a cat and a 401k. Where did it all go wrong? Being poor has been the best diet I’ve been on. Rich people should always be thin and well… Read more »


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>I’m too fat to sit upright. Depression is watching reruns of Mama’s Family. If you make me hate one of my favorite songs, then you can’t sing. I’m so poor; I have to buy cheese on sale. It’s his sad cry for an assistant, “I’m a man someone send me help!” I had lunch at Panda Express and found a… Read more »

>This wouldn’t happen in Vegas…

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>A Lake Tahoe casino that promotes a “habitat for everything wild” found truth in advertising over the weekend when a wayward bear wandered in through a rear loading dock. Unless of course one of those animals at the Mirage broke free of the Sigfried & Roy preserve. “Danger! Danger! Tiger on the loose! It’s near the blackjack table and going… Read more »