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In other news, BORING

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Dear Sacramento, Aren’t you sick of hearing this crap about the Sacramento Kings?  Since I moved to Sacramento in 2005 they have had one foot out the door.  Sorry, it was early 2006 when the “we’re going to Disneyland!” rumors started.  OK, not Disneyland proper, but Disneyland adjacent-ish, also known as Anaheim. Would someone tell the Mayor that enough is… Read more »

Manti Te’o Online Dating Gone Awry?

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Here’s the one thing I’m sure of in this Manti Te’o situation.  Someone is lying.  Who, I’m not exactly sure.  Let’s examine what the media has finally decided to uncover. Here are a few articles to read.  Feel free to Google more for yourself, but beware it’s a rabbit hole: This is the one that broke the story yesterday by… Read more »

Batten down the hatches or just get an umbrella?

Apparently, it’s finally going to rain in Sacramento and the media is slightly panicking.. For the past three days I’ve been reading about flood warnings and something called an atmospheric river.  While I’m the first to evacuate when the authorities tell me to, I’m also skeptical of these warnings.  They are pretty widespread.  Do I need to do anything or… Read more »

In space, no one can hear your frustration

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Did you know that there are missing moon rocks?  Seriously.  Yesterday I read this article in the Sacramento Bee about how some moon rocks from Apollo 11 mysteriously turned up in a storage room in Minnesota. My cousin said it best, “Well this is a little ridiculous. Who misplaces moon rocks?” Apparently, 11 other states can’t find their moon rocks… Read more »

Random Thoughts on Jury Duty

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Once again, I was called to do a civic duty.  Since I lived here, it’s the 3rd time I’ve been called.  Could people stop committing heinous crimes, please?  I always get assigned to those cases and I don’t have the stomach for it. God bless the people who do, but I am not one of them.  Seriously, my boss suggested… Read more »

Just Vote!

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Regardless of your party affiliation, you should vote on Tuesday.  In the not too distant past, it was a struggle for people to vote in our own country.  A mere 9 years before I was born, the Voting Rights Act was passed.  It appalls me to think of the violence people met with just by exercising their constitutional rights.  I… Read more »

Not Quite a Movie Review: Argo

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Today I noticed a tweet by Wired that caught my eye: I had seen the trailers for this movie, but other than the fact that Ben Affleck was in it, I wasn’t really interested.  The government makes a fake movie to cover something up?  Sounds like Wag the Dog to me.  OK, they faked a war by using a movie… Read more »