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>That’s so not metal

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> Remember when guys in heavy metal bands would trash hotel rooms, drink Jack Daniels and have random group sex? Now they are judging cake decorating shows. Seriously, Rob Zombie is on a show on the Food Network called Halloween Wars judging cakes…CAKES! Unless that thing has black tar heroin as a filling and cocaine sprinkled on the frosting, what… Read more »

>The Wayback Machine is engaged & active

>Remember this from high school? One afternoon, I was wandering through the parking lot at work when I could hear this strange music. Thinking nothing of it, I proceeded on my errand. When I came back 10 minutes later, I could still hear the same music. At first I thought it was someone sitting in their car, but alas it… Read more »

>Maybe if I fell in love, I’d change my mind…

>Mostly, I hate ballads. It’s like poetry. It’s sappy and usually annoying. Granted, there are a few power ballads that I do like being that I’m a child of the 80s… Love Song by Tesla, Waiting for a Girl Like You by Foreigner, High Enough by Damn Yankees, Sister Christian by Night Ranger, I Remember You by Skid Row, and… Read more »

>A business plan for 80s rock stars

> The club hand stamp One of the great things about Sacramento is that we get a decent number of concerts each year of varying degrees from arena shows to little dark clubs.  I really enjoy music, but I realized this weekend that I don’t have the attention span necessary to attend a concert.  One of my character flaws is… Read more »

>Random thoughts on American Idol (Boys Night)

>Blame the fact that I am not inspired or blame the lack of quality programming on TV, but I felt like watching what used to be the most popular show on TV and blogging about it. So, I tuned in late and don’t know who Clint is or why he was singing Superstition by Stevie Wonder.   Regardless,  I didn’t enjoy… Read more »

>Random thoughts on the Grammy Awards

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>The Grammy Awards were last night and I honestly had no idea who half the people were that marched down the red carpet.  My sister and I played, “Who’s that?” for most of the night.  Partially it’s because I no longer listen to FM radio.  Partially it’s because they don’t show videos on MTV anymore.  Partially it’s because I’m old… Read more »