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Advice for the Graduate?

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It’s the time of year when people are graduating from high school and colleges.  Why preschools or any other grades are included in the graduation phenomenon is beyond me.  I even saw cards specifically designed for a little kid’s graduation!  Wow. Graduating is a big deal.  It’s the end of one large segment of your life and the beginning of… Read more »

>Warning: Earworm Ahead

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> Within the last few years, I stopped thinking that the weird coincidences in my life were signs from the universe. They weren’t. They were just a figment of my overactive imagination. What I don’t understand is why for the last three days, I’ve been hearing Chaka Khan’s Feel For You. I don’t think I’ve been listening to the same… Read more »

>Dealin’ in multiplication

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>Some people say coincidences are messages from the universe, telling you what to do or that you are on the right path. I can’t remember where I heard or read that, but either way, I’m pretty sure I don’t speak the universe’s language. And there’s no Rosetta Stone course to help me figure out how to understand it. Coincidences happen… Read more »

>I have a problem…

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>Sorry, but I am addicted to the Internet. You know how I know I have a problem? I ALMOST downloaded (bought) the theme to Flash Gordon by Queen. Seriously. I was in a music buying groove and had to stop myself. I love that I can pick and choose the songs I buy. My collection now includes songs by Aretha… Read more »

>Random Thoughts on Christmas Songs

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> Each year, my Christmas spirit wanes just a little bit. I’m not really sure why. This year, I just seem too busy to enjoy any of those things I love about Christmas. I’ve barely heard any Christmas songs. I’m just not in the mood. But that’s probably what would fill me with Christmas cheer… a little Nat King Cole… Read more »

>Occupy This?

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>Can someone explain to me why the Occupy people are in parks? Do they know that’s where homeless people live? The rich people are not there. Look, don’t get your panties in a bunch. I don’t like corporate greed either and pretty much agree that we need more regulation to make sure no one gets the shaft. But I just… Read more »

>Tales of Eye Twitching

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> I could blame it on the caffeine. I could blame it on the stress. I could even blame it on the boogie. But, the kids today just won’t get that Jackson Five reference or why I call myself Chief Inspector Dreyfus when my eye twitches. It’s sad really because the Pink Panther movies are pretty good. Well, most of… Read more »