>I have a problem…

>Sorry, but I am addicted to the Internet. You know how I know I have a problem? I ALMOST downloaded (bought) the theme to Flash Gordon by Queen.

Seriously. I was in a music buying groove and had to stop myself. I love that I can pick and choose the songs I buy. My collection now includes songs by Aretha Franklin, The Rolling Stones, Junior Walker & the All Stars, The Jacksons, Men Without Hats, and Men At Work. See what I mean?

What I thought was interesting is how many songs I know that come from before my time. Apparently, my parents exposed me to quite a bit of soul, disco and of course, the Beatles.

I do remember listening to KFRC quite a bit when I lived in San Francisco. Mostly because well, the music from the mid to late 1990s was crap.

Yeah, I know the music industry is evil and so is the motion picture industry. So, I shouldn’t have bought the music on a day when everyone else is protesting crazy laws both industries seem hell bent on getting through Congress.

While, I didn’t take down my blog or stop using the Internet for 24 hours (quel horror!) I didn’t watch any movies. That was really hard.

I love movies more than I love music. I can go months without listening to music. Ok, maybe days, but I think I watch at least part of a movie every day. Really, that’s who is behind the SOPA crap, right? So why don’t we hit them where it hurts in addition to telling our elected representatives that we are pissed off?

>Random Thoughts on the New Year

>Are you freaking out over the year? I mean the number, not the fact that it’s just over…again. Then you must be a child of the 70s & 80s. Seriously. How is it this far into the future? While there aren’t flying cars (and let’s face it most people couldn’t handle one), there are some pretty cool pieces of technology we do have…like your smart phone.

That thing you are probably reading this post on is far more advanced than the first computer I saw when I was a kid. You don’t have to type in a command at a C: prompt right? It has more than one color on the screen. It’s faster and holds more data than the old green screen computer I even used in college. That’s right back in the mid-90s colleges still had computer labs with green screens.

If you just asked, “What’s a computer lab?” you are really young or maybe old. Either way, it was this room at a college where students could go to use a computer and surf the Internet. Of course, there were like five websites too look at and most of us just used it for IRC. Internet Relay Chat? It was what we used to talk to random people before Twitter…heck AOL was still new to people back then.

You know what else you don’t use anymore? A map. That’s right, the thing in you hand has like every map ever built into it. We used to have to open these large pieces of paper and try to figure out how to get from A to B.

Do people still use libraries for research? I guess everything isn’t on the Internet yet. But a lot of stuff is…you want to know a random fact about a sport figure? Google it. You know want to know who was the guy that starred in the French Connection and Enemy of the State? Google it. My dad has an iPad, an iPhone and two computers yet he still asks me random trivia questions like the above. Old habits die hard, I guess.

Remember those video phones you would see in movies and old sci fi TV shows? We have that now…it’s Skype or Facetime. Personally, I don’t like it. For those of you who still talk on the phone, watch what you are doing next time. If you are anything like me, you are probably doing something else while chatting. Or I turn into a 3 year old and get distracted by my live image on the screen…so I start watching that and trying to do stupid things like sit up straight, fix my hair, make a funny face.

And how do you watch movies or listen to music? I haven’t bought a physical CD in years. Everything has been downloaded. DVDs? Why even bother. I can go online and download just about anything right now.

I remember when the iPod first came out. I knew then that it would change the entertainment industry. I knew that some day we would no longer have DVDs and CDs. All of our music and movies would be digital. Now that more and more people have high speed Internet at home, it’s become a reality. All we need now are server rooms in our houses to store all of our information. Heck, maybe we don’t even need those anymore. Just buy a few external hard drives and we can store it all on one shelf in a bookcase.

Can you imagine what inventions we will see in the future? I still want a laser gun like Han Solo had…forget light sabers. I want a blaster.

>Customer Service Fail

>My computer was acting up today.  Let me rephrase that because it wasn’t actually my Mac.  Macs never act up.  Now let me throw some salt over my shoulder, cross my fingers and knock on wood so I don’t jinx myself.  Anyway, I was trying to surf the web today, but it was hella slow.  Yes, I just said hella.  It was taking a frustratingly long amount of time for Facebook to load.

Finally, it dawned on me that my janky DSL must be down.  Yes, I am one of the few remaining people with DSL service in Sacramento.  I tried to get Surewest to install their insanely fast fiber optic last year, but they gave me attitude and told me it would take a month for them to come out and do it.  Thanks, but screw you.

So, I’m stuck with the slowest DSL AT&T has to offer because apparently, East Sacramento is so far away from civilization.  Regardless, it craps out at least once a year.

I reluctantly went to my stupid modem, router or whatever the hell it’s called and looked at the lights.  One red light glared at me angrily.  Because I’m not a novice at dealing with computer type stuff, I knew that the first thing any sort of technical support was going to do was to tell me to restart the thing, which I did.  I watched the green lights struggle to appear on the machine.  One kept blinking for an inordinate amount of time and then glared at me again in red.  Twice I repeated this fruitless process until I finally gave in and called for help.

A computer answered.  Instantly, my frustration triples.  One machine is telling me how to fix another…don’t you just love technology? I can never answer the questions of the automated voice service without attitude. 

Heavy sigh “Yes!” 
Heavier sigh “No!”
Heaviest sigh “DSL Trouble!”

The stupid machine runs a test, sees that yes I am having trouble, but I should hang up and check my connections.  What? I had to listen to that advice twice before it set in.  So, I just wasted 5 minutes of my life to be told what I already knew and get no help? Strangely enough, without checking the connections, the DSL righted it self.  I still have 24 hours to call backif I am still having trouble, according the robot at AT&T.  Yeah, I’ll get right on that, but if it does happen, I will be sure to speak to a human instead.  How I love to press zero!


>I enjoy the instant watching option on my Mac, but how in the hell am I supposed to know when they are going to remove a movie and/or TV show from “Watch Instantly”? Is it right in front of me and I just don’t see it (much like other things in my life)? And does everyone get to watch the same movies instantly or do they have some obscure equation they use to decide who gets to watch what?

>Does Anyone Else Do This?

>Whenever I see that iPhone commercial, I pause my Tivo and start researching all of the apps on the screen. I’m sure they expect people to do this. I also have yet to pay for an application. For some reason, I have this psychological block about it. It just seems silly to pay for one. Although, I know it’s irrational. It’s not different than going to a store and buying Office or Photoshop. One day I’ll take the plunge and buy something.

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>Wait a minute!

>I was perusing the Mac products at Best Buy today when I saw a Norton Anti-virus for Mac. What the hell? I thought Mac’s didn’t have viruses. Now I’m all paranoid about my computer getting infected by something malicious. Did I fall for some slick marketing or are Macs really safer from vicious hackers and their idiotic tactics than PCs?

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>Any Recommendations?

>I was browsing through the Apple Downloads page and I see that there is an application called Pantry.  You can sync it up with your iPhone so you know track your food inventory at home.  Sweet!  Now all they have to do is start adding RFI tags to food so I know when it’s about to expire and the computer or phone can alert me.  

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