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Random Thoughts on the Olympics’ Opening Ceremony

Since they held me spellbound in 1980, I have loved the Olympics. The Opening Ceremony is the best part, but why in this day and age we don’t get to see it live is stupid. All of the spoilers are going to be found on the internet, so you might as well let us all share in the global experience… Read more »

Online Dating Chronicles: Low Maintenance Lisa

Because I think I’m low maintenance, I’m probably not. But, one unsolicited text a day makes me very happy. Replies don’t count…well, they do, but the unexpected random text of song lyrics always makes me smile…laugh even.  It’s like a flirty version of Name That Tune. OK, maybe not, but it’s fun regardless. Of course, woman cannot live on digital… Read more »

Random thoughts on Independence Day

Aside from Thanksgiving, this is one of my favorite holidays. It’s not about gift giving. It’s about celebrating good times, hanging out with friends and family. It’s about celebrating the idea that things can get better if we decide to make them that way. Maybe that’s a simplified view of what our forefathers did back in 1776, but it feels… Read more »

>Leaping into Leap Day

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> Sorry to anyone born today. How much crap do you get for a February 29th birthday? Also, you never actually get a 21st birthday. That sucks. Sure you technically turn 21, but your 21st birthday doesn’t exist on the calendar. I’m beginning to think Leap Day babies might have magical powers. They can alter time! They don’t adhere to… Read more »

>History break, San Francisco!

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>On this day in 1769, San Francisco Bay was discovered. OK, I know “discovered” is a controversial term when it comes to exploration and conquistadors, but 242 years ago, members of the Portola Expedition wandered along Sweeney Ridge in Pacifica and saw the Bay. An ancestor of mine was on this expedition. And that was probably why I hate to… Read more »

>Random thoughts on Columbus Day

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> For the first time since 1985, I have Columbus Day off. Yes, that’s when I was the autumn of my 6th grade. Thank you for doing that math. I never really thought about why Columbus Day is even a national holiday. Most people don’t get the day off. Sure, the usual suspects, banks, government agencies, and a few schools,… Read more »

>Los Angeles’ First Families

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>I’m not a historian, but I play one on my blog.  Genealogy is one of my hobbies.  Secretly, anyone researching family history also wants a connection to history in general. My family has been a part of California history.  On this day in 1781, 11 families founded the City of Los Angeles.  Of course, back then it was known as El… Read more »