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It really is a health issue

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Why didn’t anyone tell me that the birth control pill can cure PMS? Seriously, why?!? Had I known, I would have started taking it decades ago and saved my sanity. Honestly, people, you really should make this pill available to women everywhere if they want it. Preventing pregnancy is just a bonus side effect, if you ask me. No longer… Read more »

Hug your loved ones every chance you can

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Just as I am finally in a happy place in my life, something awful happens to a family member. My mom’s cousin, who celebrated her 50th birthday a few days ago just found out she has pancreatic cancer. Why does something like this happen to someone so full of life? Someone who is liked by everyone she meets?  My cousin… Read more »

Connect 2 Happiness with GaiamTV

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January is halfway over. How are you doing on those resolutions? Yeah me too. Honestly, I sort of forgot what I resolved to do. As always, I want to be healthier, happier. I don’t like to say lose weight. I know that’s basically what I want, but really it’s more than that. I need to change my bad habits. It’s… Read more »

Resolutions for 2013

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Damn. Is it really 2013? The future is pretty rad. I’m totally bring back rad. Dating, diet, and fitness ads abound on TV which means a new year is about to begin. It’s interesting that we don’t see many commercials about investing, saving money or retirement planning. Maybe that’s not as sexy as well, sex. Last year I made some… Read more »

Face Your Fears Wednesday: A Doctor Visit

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Women’s health is a big issue these days, but I hate going to the doctor. It’s a good thing I’m healthy. I know. I know. Regardless if it’s my gynecologist or primary care, my germophobia gets triggered. But, when I go to the gyno, it takes an emotional toll on me as an added fear bonus. I don’t like getting… Read more »

Weighing me down…

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Since the age of 10, I have fretted about my weight. It was at about that time that puberty began attacking my poor body. Hormones warped my sense of reality. I felt fat and awkward even though I wasn’t fat.  I didn’t really gain weight until I went off to college. It’s taken me 28 years to figure out that… Read more »

Stress relief?

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Did you ever have one of those days? You know where you get trapped in the elevator at work…twice. Apparently, if I’m in the building after hours, I need Mr. Wizard and his science-y knowledge to come save me from the stupid air pressure that effects the elevators when they shut off the HVAC for the night. I’m not sure… Read more »