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Thankful: Family

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I know this is sappy, but my family is great.  They are all wonderful, good people.  No, they aren’t perfect, but at their cores, they are good.  I know that I am really lucky to have them. My parents are truly great.  I love them deeply.  They helped me become the good person that I am.  They are kind, loving,… Read more »

Thankful: Relationships

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It still blows my mind that I am, in fact, part of a couple. I’m not really sure how to behave. It’s so great, but so unknown to me. We actually made plans in the future. Not those kind of plans, travel plans. Part of me is afraid that Paul will disappear like all the males with whom I’ve ever… Read more »

Thanksgiving Traditions: Television

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While it might be the lesser of the Snoopy holiday special trifecta, I do enjoy A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.  The highlight of the show is of course, Woodstock.  If you are anything like me, you now have the Little Birdie song stuck in your head.  You’re welcome. It seems that every sitcom has a Thanksgiving episode.  Although I appreciate the… Read more »

Just Vote!

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Regardless of your party affiliation, you should vote on Tuesday.  In the not too distant past, it was a struggle for people to vote in our own country.  A mere 9 years before I was born, the Voting Rights Act was passed.  It appalls me to think of the violence people met with just by exercising their constitutional rights.  I… Read more »

A routine gone awry

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Days like this always start off normal. I wake up, convince myself that I have to take a shower. Bitch, moan and complain in my head that I didn’t get enough sleep last night. Feel like a zombie until I finally get into the car an hour later. Today, I decided to take Highway 50 and it’s a good thing… Read more »

>I’m single and it’s awesome.

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> It’s easy to always throw yourself a pity party.  There are probably a thousand reasons you should be bawling your eyes out right now.  And sometimes, you need to have that mourning period.  Get that crap out of your brain, so you can move on. There’s nothing wrong with a little woe is me.  What’s annoying is when it… Read more »

>Redefining Valentine’s Day

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>Valentine’s Day has pretty much always just been another day for me.  I’ve never actually had a Valentine.  This year, I’ve decided that my family is my Valentine.  Yes, that sounds like something a spinster would say, but screw you.  The more I see chaos in the world, the more I realize I how lucky I am to have the… Read more »