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Gasoline Prices: Fury Road

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Today I was sitting in my office when I overheard someone talking about the exorbitant price of gasoline.  They were trying to blame it on California’s emissions standards, specifically on the cost of the additives in our gasoline. This really chaps my hide.  Does anyone care to do the math with me? So I Googled: The second result captured my… Read more »

>Gas Prices Drive More Consumers to Steal – Yahoo! News

>If you see Mad Max drive into your gas station, you know what he’s about to do… Here in California, you can’t fill up at a gas station before you pay. You either use your credit card or have to give some cash to the attendant in the bulletproof box in order to get the pump to work. I’m surprised… Read more »

>Stockton Man Accused Of Stealing, Selling Gas

>We don’t need another hero We don’t need to know the way home All we want is life beyond Thunderdome Sing it, Tina! Ok, that’s not the correct Mad Max movie to associate this article with, but I like the song. Remember when Mel Gibson was a hot guy from Australia? Anyway, it looks like the “Road Warrior” mentality has… Read more »

>More thoughts on the gasoline crisis

>I’m using the term “gasoline crisis” because it is one for me. As I was driving to the store this morning, I was thinking about how I could possibly conserve gas. Out of nowhere, a huge white H2 appears in my rearview. He starts flashing his headlights because I was going to slow. Then it hit me…that’s the answer. Go… Read more »