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You kids and your video games!

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Short of shaking my fist in the air, I am confused by today’s video games. Back in my day, they were simple. Super Mario Brothers was simple. You ran to the right and jumped over (or shot at) whatever got in your way. Tetris, never ended. It just got faster and more anxiety laden. The bricks never stopped! Pac-Man? Just… Read more »

A Monster of a Time

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Sometimes the universe aligns in a strange, yet interesting way. Background: Most Friday nights I spend with my parents. Most of those Friday nights are spent shopping at the Costco in Folsom and then dinner afterwards at Islands. My youngest nephew is obsessed with monster trucks. Tonight, for reasons unbeknownst to me, my sister and her two boys joined me… Read more »

Romance: It ain’t dead.

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Valentine’s Day and my very first valentine was 1,500 miles away. I come home from work. Nothing in the mail for me. Sadness and frustration begin to set in. I text Paul. No response. I was this close to throwing on sweats and calling it a day, but instead put on a purple shirt I hate and jeans just in… Read more »

Where is everyone?

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Is it just me or is downtown Sacramento fairly empty? On my usual walk around Capitol Mall, I passed maybe 5 people. Normally, I’m annoyed by masses of people walking 4 abreast, bike riders who think the sidewalk is the road and the flow of traffic is similar to that in the United Kingdom, and a horde of gardeners with… Read more »

Hug your loved ones every chance you can

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Just as I am finally in a happy place in my life, something awful happens to a family member. My mom’s cousin, who celebrated her 50th birthday a few days ago just found out she has pancreatic cancer. Why does something like this happen to someone so full of life? Someone who is liked by everyone she meets?  My cousin… Read more »

Online Dating Chronicles: Take a Chance on Me

To this day, I still hate relationship and dating advice. Most of it is bunk. Actually, there is one rule that I wish more people would follow: Be polite. So many people are just rude when it comes to dating. I’m lucky. Paul is one of the most mature people I’ve ever met. He’s a real live grown up and… Read more »

Random Thoughts on Christmas Eve

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Ah, Christmas Eve. My favorite night of the year. Christmas Day is nice, but I’ve always felt that Christmas Eve is more festive. Maybe it’s the anticipation of opening gifts the next day or maybe it’s Santa and his reindeer sprinkling cheer in the air. Christmas Day is the end of it all, while Christmas Eve still leaves one more… Read more »