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>California State Fair: Counties show off their stuff

> You know what’s the best part of the California State Fair?  It’s not the food, it’s the County Exhibits. Wine was a central theme in a majority of the counties.  Seriously, I had no idea that Calaveras County had any wineries.  Frog jumping, sure.  Apparently, they have golf too because look at the interactive setup they have in the… Read more »

>This is not State Fair weather

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>If you’re not from Northern California, you won’t understand why people in Sacramento are freaking out. It has nothing to do with politics. There’s a bizarre situation going on. The State Fair started yesterday…and it’s freaking freezing! OK, it’s not actually freezing per se, but by State Fair Weather standards, it’s down right icy. Do you see that forecast? You… Read more »

>Don’t miss it, don’t even be late!

> In two days, the California State Fair begins.  Am I the only one who starts hearing that song Teen Suicide, Don’t Do It! whenever the website ( is mentioned? Seriously, did no one in the planning meeting raise their hand and say…oh by the way…There’s this movie from the late 80s you might want to watch first. Speaking of… Read more »