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>Occupy This?

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>Can someone explain to me why the Occupy people are in parks? Do they know that’s where homeless people live? The rich people are not there. Look, don’t get your panties in a bunch. I don’t like corporate greed either and pretty much agree that we need more regulation to make sure no one gets the shaft. But I just… Read more »

>Run to Feed the Hungry Tips

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> Be warned, fun runners. The storm that blew through Sacramento last weekend brought down an epic amount of leaves. Since you probably already know that Thursdays are trash day in East Sacramento, street parking will not only be impacted by the 2 to 3 cans at the curb, but also piles of leaves the height of a toddler.  If… Read more »

>It’s more of a social event, really.

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> Run to Feed the Hungry It happens every year and it’s going to happen again this year. Tens of thousands of people will descend on East Sacramento on Thanksgiving morning. Yep, it’s Run to Feed the Hungry time again. While this event annoys me on some levels, overall I kind of like it. It’s bizarre to see so many… Read more »

>You want me to celebrate what?

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> Cards I should send out Bust out the confetti, funny hats, and champagne…it’s National Singles Week. Excuse me, National Unmarried & Single Americans Week. I know Hallmark didn’t make up this holiday. It looks like some random dude made up that holiday. I wonder if he was drunk in a bar, lonely and horny when he came up with it…. Read more »

>Los Angeles’ First Families

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>I’m not a historian, but I play one on my blog.  Genealogy is one of my hobbies.  Secretly, anyone researching family history also wants a connection to history in general. My family has been a part of California history.  On this day in 1781, 11 families founded the City of Los Angeles.  Of course, back then it was known as El… Read more »

>What’s on tap? Beer you say?

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>Isn’t it funny how you mention something to someone and they seemed to have heard about it? The other day Corinne from @exploresacto invited me to sample the wares offered by Community Tap and Table. They had a bacon and beer pairing on Living Social recently. Now I’ll bet I just jogged some of Sacramento’s memory and everyone else just… Read more »

>BlogHer11 Recap – Hello, Mixed Emotions!

> Tardiness is a major issue for me. I am not usually the one who is late. I can’t stand it when someone or something is late. It was rampant at BlogHer. According to a few veterans, this is a common occurrence. I grew up in a house where early was on time and on time was late. Then there… Read more »