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>More Online Dating Fun

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>Yes, I succumbed to boredom and started surfing the dating sites. I’m avoiding eHarmony like the plague. “I’ve been a vegetarian since 1997. I just felt sorry for the animals.”I swear a guy actually put that in his ad. I’m not against him being vegetarian. (Ok, a little bit.) I don’t get the animal pity. Dude. Have you ever seen… Read more »

>Dating Story

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>My friend, Maria, went out on a quasi-blind date last night. Oddly enough, everything turned out well. By quasi-blind, I mean she met the guy off the Internet. Pictures don’t do justice to reality. Even if the picture is fairly recent, the lighting and angle can make the person look vastly different when you actually meet them face to face…. Read more »

>Personals Fun!

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>For some reason (probably user error on my part), I am still getting matches from eHarmony. One guy I was matched with said this about the most influential person in his life: Charlie Chaplin: A true rags to riches story…a man with great talent and uncompromising principles who was able to entertain a world that grew to love him, but… Read more »