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>I’ve said it before…

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>If your friends and family don’t like the person you are dating, chances are pretty good you should listen to them. It’s better to be alone and unfettered by someone else’s issues than to be in a relationship that is probably toxic. Also, I find it odd when a guy doesn’t like sports. That’s one of those non-negotiable things I… Read more »

>I’m pretty sure this is true.

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>Correct me if I’m wrong about this, men. Anytime a girl receives an email (or phone call) from a guy near or after midnight, it’s because he is drunk and/or horny. Oh, I’m sorry. I mean “lonely”. No matter how innocent the message may seem on the surface, the underlying motivation is “loneliness”. There’s nothing wrong with being “lonely”, but… Read more »

>Is it obvious to everyone or is it just me?

>When you are doing the Internet dating thing, if someone has emailed you their photo or directed you to their Match profile, MySpace page, or Friendster listing, you are supposed to reciprocate. Isn’t this understood by everyone? Why the hell would I continue to pursue a possible relationship (much less meet for a drink) should I not find your photo… Read more »

>Dating Update

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>I’m still single and it looks like I’ll be that way for a long, long time. I’ve decided to just stop surfing the online personals. I’m convinced that I am way too picky. I was talking to this one guy on the phone and it was going well during the first fifteen minutes, but over the next twenty, he proceeded… Read more »

>Married lawyer sues eHarmony for refusing to help him find love

>Apparently, this guy never saw the sign, “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.” Aside from that, eHarmony is not the ONLY way to find a date. And why the hell is he trying to find a date so quickly? The dude hasn’t even been separated from his wife for a year and the ink isn’t dry on… Read more »