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A “Pinteresting” Recipe

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It’s a well known fact that I don’t like to cook.  Well, mostly, I’m afraid of cooking.  I have this fear of time management.  When do I start the side dish?  How long will the meat take?  You get the drift. So, now that I have someone for whom to cook, I’m attempting to expand my culinary horizons…albeit a bit… Read more »

Resolutions for 2013

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Damn. Is it really 2013? The future is pretty rad. I’m totally bring back rad. Dating, diet, and fitness ads abound on TV which means a new year is about to begin. It’s interesting that we don’t see many commercials about investing, saving money or retirement planning. Maybe that’s not as sexy as well, sex. Last year I made some… Read more »

The question on everyone’s mind

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Lately, I’ve been plagued by thoughts of meal time. Well, maybe it’s more correct to say that at meal times I’m plagued by thoughts of what to have. After work, I’m usually too tired to bother to make anything. Thanksgiving and the impeding Christmas celebrations put a kink in my routine. I haven’t been able to get back on track…. Read more »

Random Thoughts on Thanksgiving Traditions

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I love Thanksgiving. Its my second favorite holiday. It only loses to Christmas because Christmas (or Saturnalia) is a whole season while Thanksgiving is only a day and I love a reason to celebrate. But the scent of roast turkey is my favorite.  Someone should make a candle in that flavor. Every year since my parents moved to Sacramento, I… Read more »

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Happy Peach Pie Time, America! There are two scents in this world that I absolutely love. One is roasting turkey. The other is fresh peach pie. It smells like heaven. When I was a kid, I didn’t really care for pie. It was OK, but cake had an iron grip on my heart. The older I get, the broader my… Read more »

>Random Thoughts on Christmas Eve

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> Remember how things were when you were a kid? If you are my age or older, you were pretty much living in the Stone Age compared to the technology available today. But, that doesn’t mean I hate technology. In fact, I enjoy it. My favorite piece of Christmas technology? The NORAD Santa Tracker. Where is Santa now? He’s getting… Read more »

>Raise a toast this Thanksgiving

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>Because I’m such a connoisseur of fine beverages, also known as I like to drink sometimes, my contribution to this year’s Thanksgiving feast is to provide the fixings for a cocktail. Now, I didn’t come up with this concoction and I didn’t even suggest it when it was first introduced to our family gathering oh so many years ago. My… Read more »