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The question on everyone’s mind

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Lately, I’ve been plagued by thoughts of meal time. Well, maybe it’s more correct to say that at meal times I’m plagued by thoughts of what to have. After work, I’m usually too tired to bother to make anything. Thanksgiving and the impeding Christmas celebrations put a kink in my routine. I haven’t been able to get back on track…. Read more »

Another Festivus Miracle!

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It’s that time of year again folks.  When the levels of frustration run high what with all the shopping and the family gatherings.  Luckily, Corinne of ExploreSacto has once again put together the Festivus Tweetup. If you aren’t familiar with the concept of a tweetup, it’s basically when a bunch of people who chat on Twitter get together to chat… Read more »

Random Thoughts on Christmas Shopping

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I will admit that I am not a very good gift giver. I’m not the worst gift giver. That title goes to my grandmother. She once gave my sister empty decorated type boxes as a Christmas gift. Seriously. Boxes.  You know the kind you usually fill with a gift…Not to mention my sister was 14 years old at the time…. Read more »

Gimme a bottle of anything

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It’s common knowledge that I love wine.  People always ask me if I prefer red or white?  Yes. I like both equally.  This weekend some friends are hosting their annual holiday wine tasting party.  Everyone brings a bottle of wine and blind tasting ensues.  Everyone picks their favorite and a winner is chosen. I’d say about 25 people are coming…. Read more »

We need a little Christmas

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There is a tradition in my family to put up the Christmas tree at my parents’ house the day after Thanksgiving.  My mom used to think it was a little early, but last night as we were driving back from my sister’s house after Thanksgiving dinner, we noticed at least 3 houses who already had their trees up in their… Read more »