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Regret: A rare thing

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This time last year, I was gearing up for BlogHer. This year, I’m not going and I totally regret it. The time I spent in San Diego was like being on a real vacation. I felt relaxed and had an outstanding time… Don’t tell anyone, but it was better than Vegas. Yes, Vegas! The real reason that it was great… Read more »

>You’ve got ring around the collar

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>You know what I really need? More stuff. That was irony, just in case you aren’t clear on that concept. I really need less stuff. Well, I need less stuff to take up space in my house. The other day, I got a big old box of free stuff from P&G. Yet another BlogHer ’11 freebie. So, what was inside?… Read more »

>Just got Lucky

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> Yesterday, I came home to a strange magazine sitting on my porch. I have only one subscription and it’s to Martha Stewart’s Living magazine. Who gasped? At one point years ago, I had grand notions about learning the finer points of housekeeping & crafting, but now I just read it once in a while to look at the pretty… Read more »

>Marketing Power

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> There used to be a time when I enjoyed going to the grocery store. Now, it’s just a necessary chore so I don’t starve to death. While dodging and weaving the various store employees this morning, I found myself faced with the daunting task of buying eggs. However, I did remember the interesting conversation I had with the Eggland… Read more »

>To pluck or not to pluck?

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>I swear, I’m not obsessed with eyebrows. Even though my favorite part of my blog doodle is the arched eyebrow, I rarely take notice of my own. They are just another feature on my head…unless I’m trying to express incredulity. I confess, I rarely pluck my eyebrows. I think they look fine (even if there is a gray hair or… Read more »

>I’ve got what you want…let’s go shopping!

> Swag Bags! I’m not ashamed to admit that one of the great things about the BlogHer conference was the swag. I was ready, willing and able to take whatever the various exhibitors wanted to give me. I was also ready, willing and able to blog and/or tweet about it. Of course, much like a job interview, when I went… Read more »

>BlogHer11 Recap – Hello, Mixed Emotions!

> Tardiness is a major issue for me. I am not usually the one who is late. I can’t stand it when someone or something is late. It was rampant at BlogHer. According to a few veterans, this is a common occurrence. I grew up in a house where early was on time and on time was late. Then there… Read more »