#LetsTalkBums: Cottonelle Clean Care Routine

Because I love free samples (and blogging) Crowdtap sent me a free sample of Cottonelle Fresh Care.  I know.  Who really wants to discuss what goes on in the bathroom? Well, there might be someone out there looking for a way to feel cleaner.  Stranger things have happened…like me moving to Minnesota. OK, that’s not strange, that was true love, but I digress.

Think about it. Babies have wipes.  Why can’t adults?  Why can we be as clean as them?


I’ve used other wipes and they didn’t measure up to Cottonelle.  They stung where Cottonelle just left me feeling clean.

I’m not suggesting throwing out toilet paper altogether. I’m saying, why not try adding wipes to your routine?

You might be thinking…but Amy, what about a bidet? Personally, I’ve never used a bidet. I’ve encountered them, but have been a little intimidated.  The one I saw had WAY too many buttons and what if I had to reset it? Where is the control-alt-delete?? Too much pressure.  I’ll just stick to low tech wipes.

Dating Chronicles: Thanks, but no thanks

Anyone who has spent even a few minutes in the dating world knows that people can be less than nice…OK, down right rude.  Most of the time though, you just get radio silence.  It’s sadly rare to get a respectful blow off.

Here’s the thing, rejection sucks.  The only thing you can do is treat someone the way you’d want to be treated in their shoes.

Today, I saw this post on Buzzfeed: This Is One Of The Most Brutal Responses To A Breakup Text You’ll Ever See.  It’s fascinating to see everyone react to it.

My initial reaction was, “What’s her problem? At least she didn’t get completely ignored.”

As someone who in the past has been dumped with regularity, seeing a guy respectfully say to her thanks, but no thanks, was refreshing.  Of course, I’ve said that to a guy and he didn’t take it well. I meant it sincerely, but his ego wanted to be pissed off.

Then I see she sent screen shots of text messages to his boss? Wow. Calm down there, lady.

This man didn’t wrong you as far as I can tell. He didn’t lie to you for years, physically or mentally abuse you, cheat on you with countless women and/or steal money from you.

He simply dumped you.

It happens to EVERYONE. And yes, it sucks the big one and I’m sorry it happened to you, but from my experience, it’s for the best. The universe might be trying to tell you something. What? I have no idea. You have to figure that out for yourself.

I will admit to overreacting to being dumped.  I was young and letting my ego get out of control. Luckily, it was before blogs and internets.

Here’s the other thing, every woman wants to be in a relationship. You’re lying to yourself if you weren’t considering it even on date one.  That doesn’t make a relationship the end all be all of your existence. It just enhances it.  There’s nothing wrong with being single and don’t let yourself tell you any different.

BlogHer ’13 recap: Part 1 – Expo Fun

BlogHer13, sponsorsAhhh, BlogHer…how I love you. It’s a grown up love though. I know you are not perfect. I’m not perfect, but I enjoy being with you and I think you enjoy me. The one aspect of the BlogHer conference that seems to ring true (both times I’ve attended) is the feeling of friendliness and openness. Now this may be because I’m a naturally outgoing person. It could be because I’ve finally reached that age where I don’t give a shit anymore, but I never feel as though I’m being snubbed by anyone. I feel comfortable enough to talk to whoever might be sitting or standing next to me.

Again, that might be a personality thing or just a mindset thing, but a great example of this openness occurred at lunch. I was sitting alone at a table when a total stranger saw me and invited me to have lunch with her. How awesome is that? As sweet as this gesture was, I declined because I wasn’t alone. My table mate (aka Paul) was just in the restroom at that moment.

I also realized why I’m a little hesitant about the sessions. Part of it is me. I’m not a fan of classes. I don’t want tBlogHer13 Sponsorso be lectured to. I want to converse. I want to interact. I want dialogue. Part of it is when someone brings their fussy infant into the session, that’s not cool. That happened in 2011, so I’m a little gun shy about sessions.

The great thing about BlogHer is that it can be whatever you make it. I spent most of my Friday and some of my Saturday in the Expo. It was great. I didn’t go to every single booth because not every sponsor appealed or pertained to me. I did try to pitch my bloggy self and not just grab swag and run. It’s not easy because my shyness likes to come out and make me run away.

But, I forced myself to be charming and there were a few sponsors I thoroughly enjoyed: Folgers, Daily’s Cocktails, Love with Food, Trojan Lubricants, Refresh by Turning Leaf… heck, I even won a Keurig for a tweet I sent out after having a delicious iced tea in the Brew Over Ice booth.

BlogHer13 sponsorBy the way, I thoroughly enjoyed a breakfast sponsored by Coffeemate.  They had us blind taste 10 different creamers.  It was odd but after the 5th one, it was like my taste buds shut down. They all tasted the same! I did learn that I like the Creme Brulee flavor. It’s kind of buttery and delicious.

My only real complaint was about breakfast on Friday. Why so early?!? I’m an early riser anyway, but starting at 7:30 and ending at 8:30 is too short. I got there at 8:15 and they were starting to shut down most of the food stations. Now that might be a McCormick snafu or something, I don’t know, but can we have breakfasts run from 7:30 to 9:00? Some of us do go to parties or just stay up late chatting and catching up with old and new friends.

Want to hear more about the parties? To be continued!

BlogHer ’13 Conference: Fun, Knowledge and Inspiration

San Diego, BlogHer '11In just 7 short weeks, I will be in Chicago for my second BlogHer adventure. I am so excited! I admit, that the first time I went to this blogging conference, it was mostly just to get free stuff. This time, is slightly different. While I’m still excited about getting the swag, I’m excited to see what I can see in Chicago. Paul and I will be driving down from the Twin Cities, so I will be able to check off two more state on my quest to visit all 50 of these united ones.

Because we are both children of the 80s, we want to visit any and all Ferris Bueller locales. Sears Tower (or Willis Tower as it’s called now), Art Institute of Chicago, “Chez Quis”, Wrigley Field (also in the Blues Brothers), and Dearborn Street (where the parade marched). Not sure if we’ll get to the Chicago Board of Trade, but maybe get close enough for a Foursquare check in.

CheeseburgHerAnother aspect of BlogHer I’m excited about are the parties. The official parties were a heck of a good time when I went to San Diego. My favorite one was CheeseburgHer. How can you not enjoy a party that has arts & crafts along with fast food and booze??

While only two days of parties have been announced thus far, I’m intrigued by the addition of karaoke. While I’m not usually one to get up there and sing (I’m an awful singer), I do enjoy those brave souls who do venture up to the mic and belt out a tune.

Of course, there is the whole off-site party situation. Part of me wants to completely eschew them. I have read and understand why the powers that be at BlogHer frown upon them. But, part of me REALLY REALLY wants an invite! They have such cool stuff to give away and it’s not like everyone gets to go…I know. It’s very junior high of me. However, there are a couple of companies who may be sponsoring a party or two (they have in the past) and I would like to go to them. Not for the swag, but for the networking opportunities. They are companies for which I have written sponsored blog posts and would like to meet some of the folks in real life.

Bags of swagOne aspect of the conference itself that I cannot wait to attend is the Birds of a Feather session for Humor. This was the one and only session I loved. Afterwards, I felt inspired to write and push my blog out into the world more and generally felt more alive. Never before had I been in a room with such a large group of funny people. I truly felt like part of the flock. It didn’t matter if I was a mom or not. It didn’t matter if I was single or not. Everyone there was there because they loved to laugh.

Sightseeing in the Twin Cities: Downtown St. Paul

One of the many sights to see in the Twin Cities are the Peanuts statues.  Since the statues were released between 2000 and 2004, many of them were auctioned off.  Some stayed in the Twin Cities area.  Paul and I are on a mission to find as many as we can.  Just an FYI, there are apparently a bunch in Santa Rosa, California too.

This past weekend we found a few more in downtown Saint Paul:

Peanuts Statues in St Paul

This group was outside Candyland on Wabasha Street.  Please don’t ask me to pronounce that street name.  I always say it wrong.  What annoys me is that it’s just around the corner from the sandwich doghouse Snoopy at Wild Tymes.  I swear we walked right past them when we were down there last time.

Peanuts Statues St Paul

Charlie Brown, who reminded me of some sort of Renaissance Fair character who was on an acid trip, was inside the lobby of an upscale looking apartment building on Sibley Street.  Lucy in her Bavarian garments was outside of the Church of the Assumption in a rather large park-like area.

Mighty Ducks

On our way to see Lucy, we saw this diner randomly plunked on a corner.  Paul said it was in the Mighty Ducks movie. (Admission: I’ve never seen that movie).  Also, I’ve never been inside one of these diner cars. And now I know why…they are freaking tiny!  There was maybe 10 people inside sitting at the counter and a few tables. Then there was at least that many waiting to be seated in what felt like 50 square feet.  My claustrophobia was triggered, so we moved along to have lunch elsewhere.

Peanuts Statues St Paul

Space looking Snoopy and Astronaut Woodstock were outside the Minnesota Children’s Museum.  This was a block away from Mickey’s Diner.  Johnny Appleseed Charlie Brown was at St. Joseph’s Hospital in an little courtyard off of an annex.  It wasn’t at the main building. He also had this sign next to him explaining the legend of Johnny Appleseed:

Peanuts Statue St. Paul

I know you are wondering where did you have lunch? We went to Great Waters Brewing.  Now this in and of itself isn’t exactly blog-worthy, (more like Yelp review worthy) but the signage I saw in the area outside the building is:

Beer St PaulYep, that’s the Hamm’s Bear. Do you have the jingle stuck in your head? Because I certainly do.  By the way, if you want a good walking tour of the downtown area, just try to find the Peanuts statues.  You’ll definitely get in a good bit of exercise.


This Friendship is Brought to You by the Letter I (for Internet)

Me & Katey at Krolls Diner

Me & Katey at Krolls Diner.

As most of you know, I met my boyfriend through Twitter. What you might not know is that most of the friends I’ve made over the last seven years have been due to the internet.

My blog was the first way I found people. I would comment on other blogs in an effort to drive traffic to mine, but as a byproduct, I actually met some people in real life. Katey is one of those people. I first met her in real life at BlogHer ’11. I went there completely alone, but met up with her and four other gals who had a group blog called The Peevery. They were just as awesome in real life as they had been on the internet.

Before our meeting in real life, we had only commented on blogs and then when Twitter became a thing, we tweeted at each other. Now, we mostly tweet and Facebook.

Over the weekend though, I had the opportunity to have lunch with Katey and her fiancé, Chris, while passing through North Dakota.

"Sit down und eat!"

“Sit down und eat!”

How insane is that? It’s really interesting how the universe works. One day I’m sitting on my couch in California, lonely and frustrated because I’d just been dumped. So, I signed up for BlogHer. Two years later, I’m sitting in a German themed diner in the Midwest with my boyfriend and Katey and Chris. Never would have I believed you if you’d told me that such an occurrence would happen. Mostly, I wouldn’t have believed that I would finally have an awesome boyfriend.

The internet is a powerful tool. My life would not be the same without it.

Mixing it up with some Sacramento Bloggers

frankfurter and beerYou would think that a beer crazy town like Sacramento would have a plethora of German themed bars or beirhalls if you will.

As far as I know, LowBrau is the only one. And while I was disappointed that there was no oompa-like polka music to be heard, it paled in comparison to the pleasure I got from the delicious frankfurter.

Also get your mind out of the gutter…but I thought it too as I wrote that sentence.

Regardless, yesterday I went to what will probably be my last Sacramento mixer. This one was put on by the Sacramento Bloggers group. If you are a blogger in Sacramento and you haven’t signed up on their site, what is your problem? They put together some really nifty shindigs.

Margaret Andrews, Nichole Beaudry and Stephanie Porter run the site devoted to all types of blogs based in the greater Sacramento area.

Their latest gathering took place at LowBrau, where they have plenty of mustards and other interesting sauces/toppings for your food. Who doesn’t love a good dipping sauce?


But, seriously, LowBrau, my first visit was during the SacTweetup held there. Like I said, I was hoping for a more traditional bier hall. A friend of mine, Jen, has a good rule of thumb:  You always have to give a place two chances before really deciding whether you like it or not. It’s sort of like dating.  She’s right. I’m glad I went back. While I’m not a huge fan of community tables, mostly because I’m anti-social, I do enjoy the self serve water station. Also, the servers were very friendly. And as most businesses know, good service goes a long way…even longer than good food.

What I love about going to Sacramento Blogger events is that you get an interesting cross section of people. You see people you’ve probably run into at other social media or blogging events in the area, but you also get the opportunity to meet new folks too. And you don’t just talk about blogging, although it’s a great way to break the ice.