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>Nail Vogue

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>After wearing Atomic Orange to the office off and on for the better part of a year, someone finally noticed my nail color.  “That’s not you!  That’s my daughter!  That’s a toe color!”  What the?  I can wear any damn color I want, thank you very much.  Just because you think blue, orange and green belong on your toes doesn’t… Read more »

Goatee or not

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It’s interesting how some men seem more attractive to me with facial hair than when they are clean shaven.  With facial hair = Ooh!  Without = oh. Maybe it’s my generation, but I don’t usually like mustaches on men.  Maybe thin ones, a la D’artagnan, are OK, but bushy ones remind me of my Dad.  Yikes! I prefer a man… Read more »

>What Not to Wear?

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>Whenever I see a rather large woman wearing a tank top, I am always amazed by her self-confidence.  Even at my skinniest, I never feel comfortable exposing my shoulders or upper arms.  Wearing t-shirts without a cover up is a challenge when the mercury climbs above 85 degrees. Maybe that’s why I dislike summertime, it becomes more difficult to cover… Read more »


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>Today, my curling iron broke. It was pretty much the straw that broke the camel’s back. Over the past few days, my hair seems like it has some excessive product in it. The only thing is that I don’t remember using any products. Well, I did use a new conditioner, but that was on Sunday. Could it still be stuck… Read more »